David Creedy

Managing Director, CMM & VAM

David joined Sindicatum in December 2006 as head of the Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Group where he manages a team of 11 CMM engineers and staff responsible for developing, implementing and operating CMM and ventilation air methane (VAM) projects. He has global responsibility for technical matters relating to coal mine projects and for delivery of coal mine utilization and abatement projects in China.

David is a Chartered Engineer with 30 years experience in coal mine methane, coalbed methane, institutional and energy projects. He spent his formative years at British Coal’s Mining Research and Development Establishment where he became Head of the Methane Group with responsibility for a wide range of applied research. He has worked mainly in China since 2003, initially with Wardell Armstrong LLP as a technical director, and then as an independent consultant before joining Sindicatum .

David assisted the World Bank in China with coal sector institutional and regulatory reform projects and the formulation of strategy for CBM/CMM development and utilization and was Chief Technical Adviser to the UNDP-MOST clean energy action project involving 18 pilot cities. He was closely involved with the evolution of the CDM methodology for CMM extraction and utilisation/destruction and is the CMM sector specialist for DNV providing technical advice on CDM and JI project validation.