Waste to Energy Projects

SREC develops, finances, owns and operates waste to energy projects such as landfill gas-to-energy power plants which capture methane pollution from municipal waste sanitary landfills and then use it to generate clean electricity.

By partnering with landfill owners and other waste processers and generators, SREC has secure contractual ownership over any biogas that emanates from their waste streams. Materials that until recently were regarded as waste are now being sought out as vital to growth in an increasingly resource constrained global economy.


In addition to LFG projects, SREC is developing other waste to energy projects which directly generate electricity from municipal waste through a thermal process that produces clean energy.

The process involves the combustion of mixed (unprocessed or minimally processed) solid waste in an incinerator. While designs vary, a typical system involves the transfer of waste by crane from a pit to a moving grate incinerator where combustion takes place. Combustion gases flow through a heat recovery boiler, where water is heated to produce steam. The steam can be used to power a turbine and associated generator, producing electric power that can be exported to the electric power network. MSW combustion systems have multiple air pollution control devices to control emissions of sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and other pollutants. After combustion, the waste volume is typically reduced by 75% or more. Ash and metals are the primary residual materials. Ferrous metals can be recovered from the residual material and recycled. Bottom Ash ( approximately 22 % of the total volume ) can be land filled with other wastes, used as a landfill cover material, or construction material. Fly ash ( less than 3 % of the total volume ) may contain heavy metals and other toxic components and can be disposed of via separated area i.e. monofill constructed within the landfill. Waste water can easily be treated via a proprietary treatment system.


Recovery of sustainable resources from waste is being encouraged by the public, policy makers and regulators who will no longer accept the low management standards and environmental issues caused when wastes have been disposed of without regard to their inherent value or to their effect on local communities and the environment.

SREC is at the forefront of this move to a more responsible utilization of waste resources and its capabilities include technology advice and assessment, energy prediction modeling, technical design and specification, installation supervision, emission monitoring, management of site installation and project operations.

Listed below are SREC’s waste to energy projects: