Uttar Pradesh State, IndiaOperating

Sindicatum has entered into a joint venture arrangement with Simbhaoli Sugars Limited, to own, expand and operate bagasse-based power generation at Simbhaoli’s sugar mills in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.  The project involves the combustion of locally-sourced biomass (primarily sugarcane residue, or “bagasse”) from the sugar mill to abate greenhouse gas emissions while producing clean energy and Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”) under India’s new initiative to promote clean electricity. 

Simbhaoli Unit 60MW 

The Simbhaoli power unit is located within the premises of the Simbhaoli sugar plant. Power and steam generated from the cogeneration unit are supplied to the sugar plant, with surplus power exported to the state grid under a long term PPA at the published rate for bagasse cogeneration.
Simbhaoli’s current power plant configuration consists of three boilers:
(i) 77 tons per hour (“TPH”) (travelling grate);
(ii) 110 TPH (dumping grate); and
(iii) a newly-constructed 125 TPH boiler (travelling grate).
The project also utilizes two bleed and back-pressure turbines with rated capacities of 12 MW (42 kg/cm2) and 20 MW (87 kg/cm2). The new high pressure boiler of 125 TPH (115 kg/cm2 pressure) along with a 28 MW condensing extraction and bleed-type steam turbine-driven generator set was completed in February 2016.
Prior to the completion of the new boiler and turbine, the Simbhaoli plant generated power only during the sugar season, which is approximately 150 days of the year. With the expansion, the unit is able to operate throughout the year.