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The Kamphaeng Saen West and East projects (“Thailand MWE Projects”) are two 8.0 MW power generation and abatement schemes located in Kamphaeng Saen district, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. The projects involve the production of clean energy from the use of landfill gas (“LFG”) emitted from the Bangkok’s largest landfill, which is also one of the largest landfills in Asia. Approximately 50 – 60% of LFG is methane, which is a highly combustible gas that can be utilised in spark ignition engines to produce electricity. Methane that cannot be used for power generation is destroyed in enclosed flares. The two projects were registered with the UNFCCC in January 2011, and combined are expected to generate 5.2 million CERs over their lifetimes.

Sindicatum financed and installed advanced LFG gas collection systems at the project sites which provide LFG to the power generation and abatement plant. The LFG is collected via the ‘OBC TM technology’, the proprietary gas collection system developed by Sindicatum. The extracted biogas is then filtered and treated prior to delivery to 16 sets of 1.0 MW capacity General Electric Jenbacher engines. The two projects are located at different areas of the landfill, with 8 sets of engines each. Six 2,000 Nm3/hour enclosed flares destroy any methane which is not used for power generation.

Sindicatum invested, developed and manages the day-to-day operation of the Thailand MWE Projects with a team of 30 local staff. Technology transfer and routine training courses provided by Sindicatum resulted in the success of the Thailand MWE Projects. In line with Sindicatum’s emphasis on sustainable development, together with the local partners, the Thailand MWE Projects contribute to the betterment of the Thai economy, as well as to the environment of the local community. The Thailand MWE Projects won the Outstanding Green Initiative award in 2011.

The projects are applying for registration with the Gold Standard which is an award winning certification for carbon mitigation projects and is recognised internationally as the benchmark for quality and rigour in both the compliance and voluntary carbon markets. As part of the registration process, the following documents are made available to all stakeholders and any comments and inputs are welcome. (please email them to gsenquiry@sindicatum.com)

1. Stakeholder Feedback Round Invitation
2. BKK SHC2 Agenda
3. BKK SHC2 Non Technical Summary
4. Project 3483 Bangkok Kamphaeng Saen West Registered PDD
5. Project 3462 Bangkok Kamphaeng Saen East Registered PDD
6. Kamphaeng Saen West Passport
7. Kamphaeng Saen East Passport