Duerping Phase 1& 2

Shanxi Province, ChinaOperating

The Duerping project is a 12 MW CMM co-generation and abatement scheme located in Shanxi Province, China. The project was built in two phases, the first of 5.1 MW and the second of 6.8 MW. The Duerping project involves the production of clean energy from the use of coal mine methane drained from the Duerping coal mine. Methane that cannot be used is destroyed by flaring and in the winter, waste heat is recovered from the engines for space and shaft heating. The project was registered with the UNFCCC in March 2009, and is expected to generate 3.1 million CERs over its life.

Sindicatum financed the engineering and installation of advanced methane combustion and power generation systems at the project site. The equipment comprises seven sets of 1.7 MW capacity Deutz spark ignition engines and electricity generating sets for power generation and a 5,000 Nm3/hour capacity ground flare from Nanjing Carbon to destroy unused methane. The installation also includes pipework, gas pre-treatment, pressure control system, monitoring, heat exchangers, switch-gear, grid connection and safety systems. All the drained methane is transported to the CMM plant and a high proportion of the coal mine methane that would normally be released to atmosphere is combusted.

Sindicatum’s CMM team works with the coal mine and provides ongoing advice on how to enhance safety, methane drainage capture, gas flow and quality from the underground longwalls. This has the dual benefit of raising safety standards in the underground environment while increasing the opportunity for increased energy utilization. Sindicatum’s CMM team also oversees the day-to-day performance of the plant to maximize ER generation and is responsible for all the CDM-related activities.