For businesses who measure their carbon emissions and are looking to offset their carbon footprint or for carbon offset companies, and environmental consultants who provide services to their clients including carbon offsets.

Sindicatum Sustainable Resources provides high quality offsets from over 50 projects that provide numerous benefits to the countries and communities that they are located in, as well as Greenhouse Gas emission reductions which contribute globally in the fight against climate change.

Co-benefits include:

  • improving local air quality for the community
  • technology and know-how transfer
  • local job creation
  • new skills and development of human resources

Many of these projects are registered with The Gold Standard – A certification of premium carbon offset, the Gold Standard requires project proponents to demonstrate in greater details their contribution to sustainable development, ensuring that the ‘best practice’ methodology is implemented. This produces the high quality carbon offset label for use in both Kyoto and voluntary markets.

Sindicatum supports this standard for its key attributes:

  • A driver for Governance, MRV and Sustainable Development
  • Regulatory framework for the deployment of capital into climate, environment & development projects
  • Established by WWF to define, demonstrate and drive best practice in carbon markets
  • Unmatched ten-year carbon market track record
  • Endorsed by 83 NGOs worldwide, used by the UN for its projects
  • ‘Carbon for Development’ philosophy recognised by governments, business and civil society as the most effective approach.

Sindicatum Sustainable Resources has an extensive portfolio of Gold Standard and other high quality offsets from around the world. For more information, contact: Jay Mariyappan (jay.mariyappan @